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This blog includes what inspires me, what my passions are and basically anything I feel like putting on here. I am 19 and trying to loose weight! None of the pictures on here are mine unless I claim otherwise!

hey everyone

I hardly ever post on my account but dire times come for dire needs. Im starting a fast tomorrow. Ive been trying to eat healthy, work out every day but nothing is working so I am going to attempt a fast, I’ve fasted healthily before, and its been successful but the first three days are always the hardest. Hopefully I can overcome the first three days once again with the support of the people I’m following and the fact that its summer time.  I’ll be posting on here when ever I’m struggling, or feeling tempted to eat. I can do this!! I have problems where i pumped myself up about not eating but then i go and binge mindlessly so I’m going to work on being mindful and present during this fast, Its not going to be a water fast but instead a liquids only that way i can drink V8 juice. 
 Alright here I go! 

I used to make this at my job:D

I used to make this at my job:D

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Hey everyone I have a question! If I fast from tomorrow to next sunday and drink a gallon of water a day how much weight can I loose????  I know this isn’t “healthy” but I dont care I’m not looking to win any healthy awards. So lemme know if you have done it before and know cus I have no idea!!!<3

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