Suck my Kiss

This blog includes what inspires me, what my passions are and basically anything I feel like putting on here. I am 19 and trying to loose weight! None of the pictures on here are mine unless I claim otherwise!


  • today so far I've had delicious baby carrots and ranch and a big juicy apple.
  • : D I feel good I hope everyone has a great day!

weight loss

  • Follow me if your a weight loss blog and want some help and motivation!


  • I love listening to Weezer while I'm working out! So good!

so full

  • Ive drank a ton of chocolate milk today, its a good source of protein you should try it. I started my day off healthy with fresh cut pineapple. I'm down to 150 and am excited for this upcoming week, Im going to continue being healthy


  • Hello! I am on a weight loss journey. Follow me if you are trying to lose weight and get in shape for summer time! Its just around the corner so lets help each other! I need motivation and I follow you if you follow me!
  • love: )
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