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This blog includes what inspires me, what my passions are and basically anything I feel like putting on here. I am 19 and trying to loose weight! None of the pictures on here are mine unless I claim otherwise!


Hey everyone I have a question! If I fast from tomorrow to next sunday and drink a gallon of water a day how much weight can I loose????  I know this isn’t “healthy” but I dont care I’m not looking to win any healthy awards. So lemme know if you have done it before and know cus I have no idea!!!<3


Today is day one of my fast. I have been doing pretty good so far, drinking nothing but diet coke and water, and a coffee drink, which immediately after finishing drinking I went to the gym and burned off.  I’m feeling kind of tired and lethargic….Work tonight is going to be challenging because there are always cheese curds, donuts and fried food around. I am fasting indefinitely, basically until I get to my goal weight. Im going to fast again and again, I only have a month until school starts and I am determined to look fabulous! I will post more later! Stay strong everyone!! 


Does anyone want to have a fasting competition?? I’m really competitive just warning you.

Message me!

Fasting buddy!!!

Heeyy everyone! I have decided that I am going to start a fast today, because I am not happy with how I look. So if you want to jump on the band wagon with me message me! We can text each other when ever we get hungry or feel like we want that one bite of pizza. I dont bite I promise so message me!


Starting a fast tomorrow, I’m going to try to go for a week, if possible. I gotta lose these last 10 pounds pronto! If any one wants to join me just let me know, maybe we could text throughout or something!

down to

139 pounds! I was at 143 for freaking ever! The best things are worth waiting for I guess.

So excited! I can do this and so can all of you!

Stay strong!

I need your help!

If I get 5 new followers I will do a 24 hour fast! Go go go!

Starting a cleansing fast

  • tomorrow and going through monday! Does anybody want to do it with me?? I could use a buddy for motivation! Message me and let me know!

work out!

  • I will do 50 crunches for every follower that I get! Ready! go!


  • In the 140s! 148 but I'll take it cus im cool like that! haha yayayayay!
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